Monday, July 2, 2012

Mike's Mondays with Mike McGee: Making the Most of Matters

       I think this is the 3rd week in a row where I’ve had problem regarding the completion of this, um, goings-on, let’s say. I went to Disc Replay in search of a game for a future playthrough, but stumbled upon something much more. Well, more or less, it’s the same. I was looking for Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but found Donkey Kong 64. It was like $17 and compared to the $100 asking price on Amazon, I think I got a good deal. Unfortunately, my N64 decided to be a little moody. The RCA cables were all mangled and the plug didn’t really fit snugly in the system. Eh, no problem, really. The internet is telling me that my Gamecube cables’ll work just fine. But when I went to grab the cables, they were gone. I have a mystery on my hands here, people. It will probably end with me just buying new cables. I’ll be a regular Sherlock Holmes! Now, on to the games!

Ah, sweet! Almost $4.50 on the trade-in value. No way, that's a ripoff.
       I’m a fan of this Kingdom Hearts series because I don’t to explain why. I’ll bring this up now so you don’t feel betrayed if you find out some other way, but I’ve never owned nor played all the way through any of the games released on a Playstation system. So the 1 and 2 and Birth by Sleep are the main ones of that group. In my opinion, I think that says a lot about the series that they put enough effort into the handheld editions to get me hooked on the series. So I took it upon myself, as I usually do, to play a little bit of the demo for the new 3DS installment, Dream Drop Distance (omg, 3Ds!! Those clever foreigners…and I literally just had that revelation). The demo comes with a tutorial mode, so I was smart enough to realize that they put that in because people would need it. Just past the standard walking and have you ever played a video game before? tutorial, there’s some new features this come-‘round. There’s Flowmotion, which is activated by dashing to a wall, pole, or rail. You get this pink flow stuff around you and you can dash around like crazy. It makes getting around areas much more fun and enjoyable. It can also be used in combat to string together SICK combos and to run away I guess (if need be). 
I hope this is a DREAM, I don't want to DROP all that DISTANCE. Ahguhguhguhguhguh!!
       The second feature is, what they’re calling, Realty Shift. Basically, when an object or enemy is able to be Realty Shifted, a pink circle appears around the object, you press yourself a little A and X button, and, badabing badaboom, the object jumps to the touch screen and you can launch it to the upper screen. This usually kills the launchee and does damage to anything it hits. It’s semi-useful but not as much as the Flowmotion. I imagine using it as a break if combat gets to hectic. Dem’s the basics, what about the story mode?
オヴァルティン 詳細を飲む

       Thankfully they drop you right in the middle of the story, I thought I was gonna be bogged down with all that understanding I was gonna have to do. But some dude’s magic is presumed to be the cause of you bring back in Traverse Town and Riku is nowhere to be found. Some wearing a goofy scarf and goggles says you ain’t no player to which he shows Sora his hand showing that a working timer is emblazoned upon it. Apparently, this kid is in “The Game” and needs to find his partner who is also a player. Sora is insistent on helping this guy. The kid agrees leaves, showing off that Flowmotion stuff. Then you start playing. Then you start playing and the kid’s gone. In his stead are two, what I’m referring to as, cats. No clue. I think they help, I wasn’t too sure, but I know one of ‘em healed me at one point. Thanks to the addition of this Flowmotion stuff, the levels are a lot bigger and you can explore pretty much everything. I’m flying all over the place fightin’ dudes and fat pandas and the Giant monkey clock boss thing. Then the demo ended. It’s a bit on the short side, but it did its job. Can’t wait for, uh…*googles dat sheit* the end of July to get here.
       I don’t want to talk about only one game, especially when it was only the demo. So, I’ma talk about a game that I bought like yesterday, Quantum Conundrum. If you’re feeling a bit jipped then let me assure you that it gets worse. I haven’t played the game yet. Like, at all. So instead I’m gonna give it a cover review and incorporate some of the promotional/gameplay vids I’ve seen of it. Think of it as a demo to the actual thing next week. 
Looks pretty sweet!
Now that you’ve gotten a little something to wet your retina, I’ll bid you safe fortunes and hope you invest in a good week. We’ve got some new and exciting content over on the ol’ Youtube page, which I know all yous guys can find, but sometimes John forgets…sometimes it can be hard to be patient. From all two of us here at Shlockness, (well, technically, it’s just me here, but I’m speaking for John, too. Hell, I have to do everything else for him anyways, why shouldn’t I speak for him) have a good one! 

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